When Patience Runs Out

When Patience Runs Out

At one time or another, nearly every single homeschooling mother declares that her patience has run out. The truth must come out: no parent is patient enough to homeschool! You are no exception. On the contrary, you are a now a member of an elite group honest enough to admit that you will, at least once, lose your patience with your precious children.

With that truth exposed, it is important to acknowledge that lack of patience is often simply an excuse against homeschooling. The next step is to move beyond excuses and honestly evaluate whether or not there are real issues, what you can do about them, and whether or not the homeschooling decision should be reconsidered.

Points to Ponder

When your patience runs thin and you begin to question whether or not you can really homeschool, step back and contemplate these questions.

Is it personality?

What genuine personality issues exist? As with the patience issue, be honest with yourself. Is there a real clash in personality that will keep you from teaching your child? Or, do your personality differences open a door for you to learn your child and explore ways to not only teach her but interact with her in all aspects of life?

Is it style?

How do your learning and teaching styles compare? Often, getting to the bottom of stylistic differences resolves many of the personality issues. This can also greatly reduce incidents that try the patience of both teacher and student.

Is there help?

Is there anyone you can call on for help? Is there a co-op or enrichment program in your area that might give you the chance to step away one day a week? Or, perhaps a friend homeschools, and the two of you can take turns teaching specific subjects.

A Few More Thoughts

Be sure that you never allow a lack of patience to be an excuse as you genuinely evaluate whether or not you should homeschool, but instead consider the deeper issues of how to successfully relate to and interact with your child. You might find that homeschooling allows you to build a relationship in ways you would never experience otherwise!