What are Homeschool Conventions?

What Exactly is a Homeschool Convention?

Whether you are just considering homeschooling, or have been home educating for a while, homeschool conventions can be a fantastic way to pep up your school year. Many conventions are put on by a state or local homeschool associations, though some are put on nation-wide by a private group. Never been to a homeschool convention? Read on to see what you’ve been missing!

Points to Ponder

Here are a few things you will find as you browse a homeschool convention.


Conventions are a great place to find encouragement. Between the speakers, curriculum company representatives, and all of the other attendees, you are sure to take home some uplifting insight. And, if nothing else, there is something heartening about seeing the sheer number of other families who are also on this journey.


Homeschool conventions draw in families from all walks of life. From those just checking out homeschooling, to those who have many years under their belt, large families or only-child homes, you’ll meet many different people. You can find new friends or catch up with old ones.


There are usually several speakers at conventions. Some of them own or work for curriculum companies, others are well-known homeschool speakers, and some are homeschool parents in the trenches. They speak about topics that will be helpful for homeschooling parents, from legal and educational information to planning and managing a home while schooling. Most speakers give several talks over the course of a convention. If you can’t get to all of your favorites, many conventions offer CDs or MP3s of the sessions for purchase.

Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall itself is often worth the trip to a convention. Curriculum company representatives bring trailers full of books and supplies. Not only does this offer you the opportunity to hold the curriculum in your hands, but you will be able to talk one-on-one with the company representatives as well.

A Few More Thoughts

Spending time at a homeschool convention can give your homeschool year the pep that it needs to finish on a high note, or it can help you start the year strong. Homeschool conventions tend to refocus and remind parents why they chose to educate their children at home.