Teacher Training Courses

Because your child deserves the best education possible, you’ll want to continuously improve their homeschool experience. Becoming a better homeschool teacher comes with time, practice, and willingness to learn.

Every month, you’ll have access to a new 8-20 minute lesson on how to become a better homeschool teacher.

Teacher Training Courses are short, but impactful, with a targeted focus on one specific area of teaching. Part pep talk, part content-rich lesson, you’ll walk away with the information you need and renewed inspiration. Plus, you’ll get printables for your convenience.


The Homeschool Career

Homeschooling isn’t just a thing your family does. It’s a career choice, whether you choose it for a single year or for the fullness of your children’s education. Join me as we dive into what it means to launch into a career as a homeschool teacher.


Evaluating Your Student

Regular evaluation is a part of any educational experience, helping you know whether or not the training has been effective. In this course, we’ll look at what it means to effectively evaluate your students and how often it should be done.


Adopting an Educational Approach

Have you heard the words “learning style” or “teaching method” and wondered what those mean? Join me as we dive into those terms and explore how you can use them to customize your teaching to best meet the needs of your students.