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Are you considering schooling at home as an option for your family? Homeschooling is an amazing opportunity that comes with tremendous responsibility. Equip yourself to start strong.

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Time Commitment

How much time does it take to homeschool? In this lesson, we’ll explore all of the areas that require a time investment, including how much time to expect in each area for each stage of learning.



You’ve probably heard it said that anyone can homeschool. And that’s a valid statement! But, does being able to do something always mean you should? In this lesson, we’ll talk through those questions.



Homeschooling requires an investment in both time and money. But it is one you can afford if you know how to budget for it! Join me in this budgeting lesson as we talk through what to expect in each stage.


Patience & Parenting

You’ve probably heard many homeschoolers talk about the fact that they are “always learning.” But are there times when boundaries are needed? We’ll process through that and more in this lesson.


Homeschooling & Work

Are you thinking about homeschooling but wondering if it’s possible while also maintaining a job? I have good news: working and homeschooling are definitely compatible! Learn more in this lesson.


Common Concerns

Can you really teach all your children? Will homeschooling truly prepare them for life? These and more are common concerns when considering homeschooling. Join me as we talk through them.


You can lead your children on an educational journey that meets their needs without sacrificing academic quality.


You can provide learning opportunities that meet their unique needs while also cultivating solid relationships.


You can be prepared to manage your homeschool and your household with confidence and strength.

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