Homeschooling is an amazing adventure, but it can also be an overwhelming decision.

If you need help going beyong googling and wading through millions of pages of information, I’m here to help. I bring my thirty year experience in the homeschool industry as a mom of four, co-op teacher of many, and surviver til the 12th grade to the table!

I understand every family is unique and I’m here to help answer common and not so common questions. From over achieving children to learning disabilities, I’ll walk you through each step along the journey with wisdom, wit and plenty of coffee.




      • Organizing and scheduling your homeschool day
      • Choosing teaching method and figuring out learning styles
      • Adjusting the curriculum to your child's needs
      • Homeschooling multiple ages and grade levels
      • Adding hands-on learning and other fun stuff to the average day
      • Navigating the high school years