Fun. Fabulous. Uplifting. Magical. These are just a few of the ways that parents describe Music Together. Each week in Music Together classrooms around the world, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids—and the grownups who love them!—gather to make music as a community. Offered at more than 3,000 locations and 40 countries, our early childhood music classes give families with children from birth through age 8 the chance to get in touch with their inner musician and connect with other families.

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place by making it more musical. And you can be part of it by joining one of our music classes in your neighborhood!


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    • If you love music, and you love children, consider training to become a Music Together teacher. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds—they’re actors, professional musicians, stay-at-home parents, preschool teachers, and more—but what they all share is the desire to help bring the power of music-making back into family life. Find out how you can join the ranks of happy Music Together teachers worldwide!


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      Rebecca McAllister

      I signed up for Music Together classes with Caroline Coffin and she is a wonderful teacher. I needed a fun way to breach the 7 year age gap between siblings once the second youngest was no longer a baby. Her classes are fun and the younger ones especially incorporate movement and music in a wonderful and easy to follow way. We really enjoyed this (even if my oldest was reluctant at first). I highly recommend and if you’re on the fence, there are usually a “try it free” class at the beginning of each session, just call for the date. 🙂

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