We believe that a chronological approach is the best way to organize the study of western civilization. Accordingly, our recommended course of study is:

9th Grade – The Ancient World
10th Grade – Middle Ages thru Reformation
11th Grade – The Early Modern World
12th Grade – Modern Times

For each year, we recommend that the student take a set of four core courses: one hour each on History, Literature, Art, & Bible. These four courses, taken together with a small group of 6-12 classmates, will provide an integrated cultural overview as well as an introduction to a consistent Christian worldview.

Our science courses will also be taught from an explicitly Christian worldview. The biology course will be explicitly creationist, but the evidence both for and against the theory of evolution will also be covered.

While we believe firmly that a well-rounded high school education should include both the study of mathematics and a foreign language, our experience has been that this is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish with a 1-day a week tutorial framework.

Class Detail

  • Student Life

    Frances Schaeffer Study Center is a home school tutorial like no other. People here are welcoming and enjoy spending time with everyone, not just those who are in their classes. I am a student here at Schaeffer and my favorite thing about this tutorial are the people. We are all one big, giant family. No one is excluded from any group or activities. At lunch, everyone is invited to leave campus to have lunch or stay and eat with friends.

    During the tutorial year, the tutorial host events that bring the students together. In October there is Game Night at the tutorial. Two teams compete with each other while performing crazy tasks to win the Judges approval. In November, we all bring a dish to tutorial and gather in the lunch room to celebrate Thanksgiving together. In December, there is a Christmas Ball filled with group dancing and a raffle. In March, the tutorial does a talent night. Students can all sign up and perform whatever they like. And in between performances, there are a few volunteer based games that keep the audience laughing. These events give the students the opportunity to build friendships and hang out outside classes.

    Classes are taught by wonderful tutors who take class time seriously. Tutors begin the class with a word of prayer. In between the lectures, we have class discussions that keep everyone interested and awake. The tutors also give everyone in the class room an opportunity to answer or ask questions. Frances Schaeffer Study Center is an amazing tutorial where people come together. The friendships made at this tutorial last forever, and the knowledge you obtain sticks with you. I am blessed to have such a tutorial to attend, and others students here will tell you the same.


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