At Toccoa Falls College, we have had the same mission since 1907. That mission is simple: Developing character with intellect. When we talk about developing character, we are speaking about developing godly character. In order to provide our college community with some guidance for the development of godly character, we use four cornerstones that include:

Scripture: We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God. As such, the Bible provides all the direction we need to develop godly character.

Truth: We believe that there are absolute truths revealed by God. In spite of competing worldviews in our culture today, we understand that God’s absolute truths will always withstand the test of time.

Wisdom: We understand that the gathering of facts can be pointless without the integration of knowledge and biblical understanding. We also realize the importance of seeking God’s wisdom over human wisdom. True understanding comes from God.

Service: We clearly understand the Bible makes it clear that we are to serve others both locally and globally. Our students, faculty, and staff serve our local community, region, state, nation, and support people in countries all around the globe.


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