Nearly two generations of homeschool and private Christian school families have trusted Pensacola Christian College brands for the education of their children from preschool through college. So, it comes as no surprise that over a quarter of the PCC student body is comprised of homeschool graduates!

Well-Rounded Education

As a liberal arts school with a wide variety of degree options, PCC is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education for all students, regardless of their major. This education is not strictly academic, however. It also incorporates the goal of seeing students grow in Christ, deepen their knowledge of Scripture, and confidently share the gospel with a lost world.

Well-Rounded Life Experience

In addition to academic and scriptural training, students are encouraged to be involved in ministry opportunities that allow them to take what they have learned about Scripture and apply it to practical missions and service. Students also have the opportunity to cultivate an appreciate for fine arts and grow in social skills.

Whether you are looking for dual enrollment opportunities for high school or are ready to dive into the undergraduate experience, Pensacola Christian College has a large community of homeschool graduates ready to welcome you!


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