One great aspect of Nyack College is our community. Here, we are united by our love for Jesus Christ. We go to chapel, lunch, and class knowing that every day is a chance to live up to His sacrifice.

Don’t believe us? Read our blog, Life at Nyack, where students publish unabridged accounts of life at our Christian college.

Our two campuses offer great experiences for our students. Located in Nyack, New York, our residential campus overlooks the Hudson River and is only 35 miles from our Manhattan Campus. Brand new and opened in fall 2013, our classes at Battery Park offer a metropolitan commuter lifestyle. Students attend class and chapel, then enjoy independent living in the historic heart of the city.

What do our graduates do with their degrees?

They go far and wide. Nyack alumni are known for traveling the world on missions, but many pursue careers in business, entrepreneurialism, graphic design, nursing, and education. We’ve a top ranked photographer, videographers, opera singers, and small business owners too. Our students lead local church communities, manage non-profit organizations, and make a difference every day.


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