Christian homeschool students seeking a post-graduation experience that will challenge them to express their faith while pursuing an education can find a home at Milligan College.

Academic Focus

As a liberal arts school, Milligan College encourages a broad scope of study, regardless what a student’s major may be. Additionally, the Christian faith is infused into all courses offered through Milligan, from business or health degrees to ministry preparation.

The 9:1 student-faculty ratio and small campus ensure that strong relationships are built, reinforcing the community and accountability homeschoolers enjoy prior to graduation.

Non-Academic Growth

In addition to the Christian-focused academic curriculum, Milligan College students have the opportunity to be involved in missions opportunities, campus organizations, and a wide range of athletic options. With seventy percent of the student body living on-campus, the community environment is strong.

At Milligan College, students not only grow in their faith, but are placed in an environment that nurtures academic excellence and a heart of service.


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