The CBS community wants its students to have hearts that are as soft as clay and minds that are sharp as razors. For the Christian, everything that is done is done for the glory of God. He gives everything, including education, meaning and purpose.

Our professors do not work simply to transfer knowledge to our students. Instead, CBS professors encourage the students to “press on” toward excellence because God Himself is excellent, and believers are to imitate Him, both in and out of the classroom (Ps 8:9; Matt 5:48; Eph 6:7).

CBS remains a place where students can be equipped with God’s truth and then be transformed. A relationship with the Triune God, a commitment to Christ and a sound knowledge of the Scripture lies at the heart of a CBS Christian education. However, we cannot just know the basics of Christianity intellectually, we must also live the Christian life and then live out what we learn. At CBS, our students not only learn the content of Scripture, but they learn what it means to depend upon the Lord, to walk with Him, to hear the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit and to be prepared for action! (1 Peter 1:13).


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