Many homeschoolers seek a post-graduate experience that matches the worldview and community foundation they are accustomed to. Others, however, seek something a little different, choosing instead to continue their education in an environment that challenges them in new ways.

The Chadron State College Opportunity

With both online and on-campus opportunities, CSC offers homeschool students the opportunity to explore a state college experience while still encountering the outside-the-box mindset so common among homeschoolers.

While pursuing academic opportunities, on-campus students can also enjoy building community through campus and student activities, interacting with people from a wide range of backgrounds. They can participate in NCAA Division II sports as well as fine arts and cultural events.

Online students benefit greatly from the distance learning opportunities offered by Chadron State College, pursuing other ventures while enjoying the flexibility that homeschoolers cherish.

Homeschoolers looking to stretch their horizons can find new and varied opportunities through a Chadron State College education!


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