You’re not casual about your faith, and your Christian college shouldn’t be either. At Boyce College, we want you to be more deeply in love with Christ and live a life marked by godliness, wisdom, and love for your neighbor. Through both rigorous academic and robust theological training, we are committed to equipping students for more than just a four-year degree but a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry, whether that context is in vocational ministry or the marketplace.

A Place for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers fit into the community well here at Boyce. Our small size allows students to be known by faculty and peers. Our gospel-centered curriculum appeals to those who are serious about their faith and want to be equipped with a Christian worldview. Some tangible ways we appeal to homeschool students include our intentional student life, small class sizes, holistic admissions process, flexible class scheduling, and Augustine Honors Collegium.

We love working with students who are excited about growing in their faith and who are already equipped with a Christian worldview through their homeschooling. At Boyce, Homeschoolers tend to be self-motivated and thrive in the small family-like atmosphere at Boyce!

Intentional Discipleship

Boyce Student Life seeks to cultivate an authentic biblical community that fosters mutual sanctification and prepares students to serve their local churches and reach the world. Therefore, everything is discipleship-based. Every part of student life is structured intentionally to “cultivate authentic biblical community” for the purpose of conforming students more into the image of Christ and making them more faithful servants of the Gospel, both now and in the future.


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