BJU is known as a top-ranked Christian, liberal arts university. But, what makes it stand apart as a great destination for homeschool graduates?

Homeschool Friendly Foundation

Although BJU was not founded for the purpose of welcoming homeschoolers, its structure of academic excellence naturally incorporates the standards important to homeschool families. With a biblical worldview, creative environment, and solid community, BJU fits the model of what homeschool students enjoy throughout their high school years.

Additionally, students are encouraged to put their education into action in practical ways. Throughout the school year, students have numerous opportunities to get involved in student organizations on campus and outreach ministries in the community. And each summer there are a number of mission teams that go out—traveling across the country to the Western US, and around the world to Africa, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

Admission Ease

Whether you are seeking a dual enrollment option during the high school years or pursuing undergraduate admission, BJU’s admission process is already tailored to incorporate both the traditional and homeschool applicant alike. Knowing, though, that homeschool families often need guidance to know how to build transcripts and report on high school progress, BJU offers tips and guidance along the way for ensuring that the application process runs smoothly.

With forty percent of BJU’s student body originating from the homeschool community, it is easy to see that the faculty and student body alike stand ready to welcome new homeschool graduates into the fold each year!


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