Word of Life Bible Institute is an accredited, collegiate-level program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training designed to help students deepen their faith, discover their calling, live intentionally, and make a difference in the world.

At the Bible Institute, we focus on building character as well as instilling knowledge. Our desire is to make the transition from home to higher education as smooth as possible, making Word of Life the perfect next step after high school. Our smaller students body and caring faculty and staff help to streamline that transition and create a true sense of community on our campuses.
Word of Life Bible Institute focuses on three core areas: Study, Life, Ministry.

Study: At the Bible Institute, we spend a whole year diving deep into God’s Word, with experts from all over the world taking you book-by-book and verse by verse to help you know the Bible like never before. As an accredited program recognized by most Christian Colleges, you can transfer those credits to wherever you go next.

Life: Here, community means so much! Word of Life is designed to foster authentic friendships and intentional relationships as you live, learn, serve, and play alongside other like-minded students and staff who will encourage you in your faith.

Ministry: As you are immersed in the Word of God each year, you are given the opportunity to put what you learn into action through hands-on ministry. You will give back to others, share your faith, gain real world experience and use your gift and talents for a purpose.


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