Life University understands that homeschoolers are unique — self-starters with specific interests — and expect their education to be similarly unique, challenging and rewarding. This is what makes Life University an ideal setting for students coming from a homeschool background.

A Great Choice

Life University offers a traditional college campus with the full collegiate experience. But with fewer than 3000 students, the small school environment makes sure no one gets lost in the crowd. These factors combined make Life University a great school to help homeschoolers transition from high school to college.

Health Sciences and More

The university offers 15 undergraduate degrees in areas like exercise science, nutrition, psychology, and business administration. Many of the programs are based in health sciences, and Life University’s vitalistic philosophy of health connects the community. Whatever program students are in, they are learning how to enhance the overall human experience.

Come Visit!

High school level students are welcomed to tour the campus and learn about Life University’s programs during Eagle Madness, the undergraduate preview day. It’s a free and fun day on campus, with lunch included!


    Area of Study

    • Undergraduate Programs

      Graduate Degree Programs

      Chiropractic Program

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