The Strong Foundation of PHC
Virtually no colleges can boast a 74% homeschool population, or that they were founded in-part by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. When it comes to knowing the unique journey of a homeschooled student, PHC is unrivaled.

In under two decades, Patrick Henry College (PHC) has established an exceptional reputation as a college that nurtures high-caliber talent through an elite Christian education. When a homeschool family looks at PHC, they are not just looking at a Christian college; they are looking at a Christian college with the academic prowess to challenge the best-of-the-best in the country and internationally.

Additionally, PHC is financially independent, governed by its Board of Trustees according to its Fundamental Statements, and will not accept any funding, private or governmental, which includes terms which supersede the Board’s authority or conflict with these Fundamental Statements.

Academic Excellence
Patrick Henry College promotes academic excellence through the leadership of highly-qualified faculty; a robust classical liberal arts curriculum with a rigorous common core and upper-division apprenticeships; high-caliber academic facilities; and an outstanding library.

Patrick Henry College’s general education program emphasizes a classical approach to liberal arts education, including biblical studies, logic, rhetoric, philosophy, ancient and modern foreign languages, science, mathematics, Western civilization, American history, and a study of the great works of Western literature. The majors in the Department of Classical Liberal Arts continue these studies.

In addition to traditional classroom experiences, PHC integrates elements of practical, professional experience into its curriculum to prepare graduates for the realities of the contemporary workplace. PHC’s pedagogical model, including internships, is built from a medieval model. All PHC graduates are required to have successfully completed an internship in their academic field. We want our students to leave PHC prepared to study in graduate or professional schools. We want them prepared to step into a job and to flourish. And, we want them prepared to be excellent citizens who can contribute in their communities, respective states, and to the United States.

Understanding that rest, recreation, and relationships are critical to learning as well, our extracurriculars, sports, and overall emphases align with activities that homeschooled students already pursue: music, debate, soccer, drama, ballroom dancing, hiking, basketball, mountain climbing, worship team, martial arts, Ultimate Frisbee, and more. A homeschooler will find many kindred spirits at PHC.

A Focus of Faith
As important as academic excellence is, PHC realizes that academics are irrelevant if there is no foundation of faith. Patrick Henry College holds both faith and reason high, aiming for academic exceptionalism grounded in the central fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. This commitment to higher education as a Christian mission motivates the faculty and staff of PHC as they strive to assist students in reaching their highest and best in their relationships with God, their families, and civil society. Homeschooled students attending PHC can expect a program that aligns with the core values of their homeschool experience as they interact with faculty, staff, students, and support personnel who are Gospel-affirming believers.

Not Just for On-Campus College Students!
In addition to the solid opportunities offered to college students, Patrick Henry College offers a variety of opportunities for non-residential high school graduates.

Distance Learning: PHC’s online classes are open to students aged 16 and older. Whether you are a recent high school graduate who wants to stay close to home, a current high school student who wants to prepare for college rigor with dual enrollment courses, or a parent who wants to learn along with your high school student, the distance learning program has much to offer. Homeschoolers enrolled in Distance Learning may also expect an education on-par with the Ivy Leagues for half the cost. Students should expect the courses to be challenging, but achievable, with the appropriate level of diligence and academic rigor. Learn more at phc.edu/distance-learning.

Ready to Apply?
PHC is among the most homeschool-friendly colleges in the country and does not require course descriptions, justifications for curriculum, or the taking of the GED (unlike many other colleges).

If this kind of education is what you are looking for, you should take a serious look at Patrick Henry College. We’re not just another Christian college on the map; PHC is the Christian college that is putting homeschoolers on the map.


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      High Academic Rigor, Fidelity to the Spirit of the American Family, and Unwavering Biblical Worldview. Amazing.

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