Come journey through history with one of the most influential voices of the 20th century.  Millions of people were impacted by Billy Graham over the course of his nearly 60-year ministry.  Now, many more have the opportunity to learn about him and be inspired by his message of God’s love.

Through state-of-the-art multimedia exhibits, film and audio recordings, and memorabilia, you can relive many of the historic moments of his life and that of his wife, Ruth Bell Graham. Tour the restored Graham family home where he grew up in Charlotte and spend a time of reflection in the beautiful Prayer Garden.

Guests love to shop in Ruth’s Attic, a unique bookstore filled with inspirational Christian classics, books by the Graham family, DVDs and unique gifts.

Relax and enjoy lunch in the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar, featuring Mother Graham’s chicken salad, along with sandwiches, salads, ice cream and freshly-baked cookies.

No matter your age or background, the Billy Graham Library will leave you inspired by the life of this amazing man and his message of hope.

Field Trip Details

  • Student groups are always welcome. To schedule a group tour reservation, please visit https://billygrahamlibrary.org/student-groups/.
    • Teachers can select from a collection of wonderful lesson plans that are free and available for download on the Billy Graham Library website. The lesson plans cover all grade levels and a variety of topics (e.g. the Cold War, Pastor to Presidents, World Travel, etc.), and there are activities for the students to do prior to coming to the Library, things to look for while they’re here, and post-visit activities when they return to the classroom. The lesson plans can be found at: www.billygrahamlibrary.org/students.
    • Bessie’s Brainteasers scavenger hunt – This has a list of questions/things to look for in each room. Once the students complete the card, they get a free gift in the bookstore.
    • Press Pass Lanyard – These cards allow students to take a step back in time as one of twelve people who have been significant to the ministry over the years. The cards have the biography of a person significant to the ministry on the front and questions for the students to answer about that person on the back. These make for a great follow-up activity when you get back to the classroom – the students can share what they learned about their person, etc. Students get to keep the press passes as a souvenir.


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