The What We Believe series from Apologia has four different sets of biblical worldview curricula. Each set includes a hardback textbook with lessons that can be covered in two weeks at three days per week. Lessons have an overview, learning objectives, a story, and questions. Students will also study vocabulary and learn memory verses. The lesson includes interesting information and notebooking topics, as well as personal application. Notebooking journals are available at two different levels with places to write, puzzles, activities, and mini books. Coloring books and audio CDs are also available.


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    I love this series. We love Apologia elementary science, so we decided to try this when it came out. My three children all love it. We started when my youngest was in 1st, and my other two 3rd, and 5th. Now they are 3rd, 5th, and 7th, and we still love it. The kids ask to do the lessons!
    The lessons are split up so you can easily break apart the chapters into manageable sections. I found it pretty easy to finish the book in one year, doing it a couple times a month. It comes with Bible verses to memorize, so they learned those along with the curriculum. The workbook is fun and reinforces the learning well.
    We have done the first three of the series, and I would highly recommend it. I have learned a lot teaching it to the kids. And I’ve had the kids reference it at various times–in completely different situations–meaning that they assimilated the learning. It is a great Bible curriculum for 1st-8th in my opinion.

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