VideoText Interactive uses video lessons to teach algebra and geometry concepts. Using a combination of teacher presentation and digital graphics, math concepts are taught in video format via DVD or online access. Students then engage with workbook practice exercises to reinforce what was learned in the video lesson.


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    Cynthia Carlson

    VideoText approaches algebra from a different perspective than traditional Algebra 1/Algebra 2 programs. Instead it takes each concept and develops it from simple to complex. If the student truly masters the material in each step, he is easily prepared for more complex problems that appear in following lessons.

    I had one student who did well with VideoText although there was a bit of frustration on lessons that made logic leaps that hadn’t been taught as clearly as they might have been. But overall she did well.

    I had two students who did well on the daily work but it did not translate to mastering the material and showing proficiency on the tests. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine what caused the disconnect to see if it could be remedied while still continuing to use the material.

    I do feel it is important to complete the program in the suggested manner with completely the daily lessons and scheduled quizzes.

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