9 Things to Love About Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

1. Award Winning
Most recently our kits won Practical Homeschooling’s 2017 Reader Awards for Preschool/Readiness, Kindergarten, Elementary Curriculum, Middle School Curriculum and High School Curriculum! We’re thrilled!

2. New Literature Options
We are beyond excited to include beautiful new literature options for third through twelfth grade. We’ve also added All About Reading as the default option for PreK through second grade. Reading is such a gift and life-skill, we’re very excited to make it a highlight of your year.

3. Develop Independent Learning
Our manageable weekly checklist means that even from an early age your child is learning how to learn and how to manage their own time. Imagine the benefits later!

4. Teach STEM Skills
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are more than just engaging and fun, they are also just as critical to real-life education success as reading and writing! (And yes, we include art too!)

5. Integrate Hands-On Exploration
Teach geography by assembling geography puzzles. Put together a human body torso while studying anatomy. This is learning that sticks!

6. Charter School Compatible Through 12th Grade
We are happy to announce that charter-school compatible non-religious kits are now available in every grade and in both Complete and Elite editions. You’ll love our new science options too!

7. Easily Customizable
Did you know that you can customize any Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? Give your child the math level he’s most ready for; swap the book you already have for a new one; or remove science since he’s taking it at co-op this year. Tailor this year’s curriculum specifically to your child at no extra cost! Custom kits are eligible for the free game as long as they are at least the same price as the Complete Kit in that grade.

8. New Custom Scheduler Too
Each kit comes with access to our exclusive custom scheduler for that grade, allowing you to add or remove courses, set breaks, note which lessons go on which week (if that’s helpful for you) and print off your custom weekly or daily checklists.

9. We’re Using Them In Our Home
Our family has had the opportunity to welcome little ones back into our home by becoming a foster family, and the Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits have been helping us keep our tiny ones developing on target. We hope your family will enjoy the 2018-19 kits as much as our family is.



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