The Good and the Beautiful is designed to be taught across multiple levels for a family style approach. History, science, and electives are combined in an interdisciplinary approach to be taught in a four-year cycle. Extensions are available to incorporate upper grades. Math and language arts are available by grade level to round out the curriculum.


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    Taryn Hearn

    The Good and the Beautiful is a very thorough and reliable Language Arts curriculum. As the teacher, I enjoy the fact that the lessons are varied on a daily basis. One day we may be focused more on writing, while another day may be focused on Art. The curriculum does a nice job of combining many different subjects – Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Art, Geography – into one package. As a homeschooling mom for 11 years, I have used many different Language Arts programs. This one is a favorite of mine. My only complaint would be that the books assigned for reading tend toward a very similar style, because the author of the curriculum is trying to keep the reading material “Good and Beautiful.” I prefer my child to read a varied mix of genres, so I do skip some of the assigned readings and choose other Literature selections for my child once they are about 3rd grade and reading well independently.

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