Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows parents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read. By teaching one twenty-minute lesson a day, your child will be on a second-grade reading level in 100 days. Everything is included in the manual, and little-to-no parent preparation is necessary.


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    On the advice of other homeschooling moms, I tried this curriculum on my son, who was four at the time. He clicked with it right away! In about one year he was reading easy readers from the library, and steadily improved from there. We only went through about 80 lessons. Since it was such a success, I used it again on my second son. Same results! They were both early readers.

    Now, as a disclaimer I will add that my three daughters learned with A Beka Phonics. So different kids may need different programs. But I was very pleased with the outcome from this curriculum.

    Heather Lei

    I debated whether to go with four or five stars. This book is not fun. If you are obsessed with needing things to be fun then you should probably look elsewhere.

    I’ve used this with two children with success, but not without difficulty. The difficulty was that my children objected to not having fun. I objected to them being illiterate. I won that round. It took a couple of years of starting and stopping and battling with one child because that was her personality.

    The book tells you exactly what to say and I needed that. I am not a natural, creative teacher. There was no way I was coming up with interesting ways to keep my kids engaged with a solid phonics based reading program. My household was also quite busy and I needed something that wasn’t going to need me to spend hours a day doing things. That was also why it took so long with the child who would like to spend 20 minutes in a tantrum about reading one word. I motivated my second child with the opportunity to earn a trophy for diligently sticking with his lessons each day of the week and finishing the book. He did so with no complaint or trouble.


    I have used this book to help teach 3 of my children to read so far. I think it is important to start when each child is ready and to keep the lesson short even if you don’t finish the entire lesson. Stop before they start to get frustrated or lose interest and try to keep it positive. I think using it this way and remembering to teach the child, not the curriculum, it can be a very useful resource. After using it with my first child, I felt more comfortable using it and adapting it (which is pretty simple to do) if necessary for my next two children. With my second child, we started using it when she was 5, but realizing she wasn’t really into it, we stopped and then started again several months later, at which time it really started clicking with her. I have not completed all 100 lessons with any child yet, but moved onto easy readers around lesson 75-85 or whenever I thought they were ready to move on. I also think it is important to enjoy reading good and interesting books to your children consistently so they really catch that love for books and are inspired to want to read. No curriculum can replace that or be useful without it.

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