Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum. We offer every subject from classic children’s books in Preschool, to Phonics in Kindergarten and First Grade, through Civics and Economics in High School.

With a focus on History, Sonlighters enjoy a liberal arts education that produces critical thinkers who are ambassadors for Christ, and have a heart for the world.

Top-selling math, science, language arts, hands-on activities, and electives products round out the Sonlight student’s academic experience.

Sonlight’s is the original fully planned, literature-based curriculum, and the only one with an unmatched, 100% money-back guarantee – Love to Learn, Love to Teach. Sonlight curriculum avoids “twaddle” – Charlotte Mason’s perfect word for fluff reading and children educated with Sonlight read great, living books to obtain an education that extends beyond textbooks and memorization.

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      What I love about Sonlight:
      -You really can teach multiple grades with one core
      -It is very customizable and is designed to be so.
      -The literature is fantastic. We have read so many good books!
      -It was satisfying for my oldest who was a voracious reader even before we started, but through this program my youngest two developed appetites for quality literature and are now life-long readers.
      -This curriculum promotes togetherness. You read together, discuss together, learn together…the hours spent snuggled up on the couch or having discussions at the kitchen table are priceless
      -The use of questions and discussions helped me teach my children to think critically, analytically, poetically…in so many different ways.
      -different subjects are integrated. History, geography, literature, writing, and grammar are all related and well presented
      -Sonlight makes updates based on customer comments. If something in their curriculum is not working or could work better, they change. They as a company learn and grow the same way they encourage us to.
      -The elementary science is super fun, engaging and thorough. My children were all prepared for more in-depth study in the middle school and high school years.

      Don’t use Sonlight if:
      -you want your children to work completely independently of you. This curriculum is designed to be a guide for parents to educate their children, not for children to educate themselves.
      -You feel a compulsion to check every box and do everything suggested. There is just too much. They do not intend for everyone to do everything.
      -You hate to read aloud. This is a huge component of the program. You could use audiobooks, though, I suppose.
      -you love worksheets and busywork.

      Note: I homeschooled all three of my children from kindergarten through high school. My oldest just graduated with honors from University. Her two brothers are currently studying for their undergrad degrees. My kids loved Sonlight.


      Our family loves Sonlight! My son’s are 9 and 12 but we are able to use the same History, Bible and Literature as a family. I like the ease of preparation and the fact that our family has shared experiences through the literature we read, the groups we pray for and the history we learn. I also like the History Timeline. It is wonderful to see how different events in history are connected and when they occurred chronologically.


      We loved Sonlight. I was able to teach multiple grade levels with one curriculum, and the books are fantastic. I have two readers and two who read only what they have to for school. It was so thrilling to have one of my non-readers ask for the sequel to a book he read from our Sonlight studies.

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