Primary Phonics uses skills-based workbooks and storybooks that correspond to students’ ability levels. Students progress from simple to complex phonic elements to become successful readers. Students apply what they have learned in the workbooks to read decodable storybooks and then demonstrate comprehension using the Comprehension Workbooks.


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    Julie Froisland

    I’ve used many phonics programs over the years, and Primary Phonics ranks as one of my new favorites. I taught six kids to read before I discovered this program, and boy do I wish I had found it sooner!

    Primary Phonics is a no frills phonics program that uses a workbook approach. There are 6 levels available in the program. Each level includes a workbook, a comprehension workbook and a set of readers. The readers are purchased in a set, the workbooks are sold separately.

    To me, the strength of the program is in its reading comprehension component. This is the only program I have found that works as effectively on that skill at this young of an age level. Students work through their core workbook, with teachers introducing new sounds as they are introduced. After a number of pages working on that particular sound, the workbook will indicate when students are to read which storybooks (ex: “Now you can read storybooks 1-3 listed on the back cover.”). Students will then read a book and complete the two corresponding pages in their comprehension workbooks. Various methods are used to elicit answers about the story that include: sequencing events in the story, drawing a scene from the story, filling in a blank, writing in an answer, etc.

    Illustrations in all the books are black and white and simple. Opportunities are given for kids to color some pages in their workbooks, but really they can color any of the pictures.

    My kids love the readers and I love that by a certain level, the kids can work independently. At the beginning levels, I have them read aloud to me, but in the higher levels they read to themselves.

    As if you need another reason to love this program? The price! The workbook is listed as $5.79, the comprehension workbook at $3.89 and each book set at $19.89. There are two teacher manuals that cover three levels each that are priced at $18.69. A second set of workbooks and readers are available at each level for the student who needs more reinforcement.

    If you have a kinesthetic learner, this program may not work for him or her as a stand alone program. I have used it as a supplemental resource at the earliest levels because my two kids who used it were second language learners. You might just want to use the reading comprehension aspect of the program. Because books are sold separately you wouldn’t have to buy a book you wouldn’t use. ,

    I highly recommend this program!

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