The original Singapore math program, Primary Mathematics balances supervised and independent learning. It is offered in the original edition, U.S. Edition (containing U.S. measurements and currency), Standards Edition (designed to meet California standards prior to Common Core), and the Common Core Edition (adapted to align with Common Core State Standards).


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    Overall I liked Primary Math. I felt like my son’s math skills progressed quickly and he enjoyed all the hands on learning games and manipulatives. However he quickly got tired of doing many pages in a row of the same concept, so I eventually had to jump around the book to different topics to keep him interested. Some topics were not covered at all that I remember (like place value). The fact that it was very straightforward, open and go was nice for kindergarten, but not as Charlotte Mason inspired as what I was hoping it would be even though it had manipulatives/learning game ideas. I probably won’t use it for my younger two since I found something I like better.

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