You will find this an easy-to-use curriculum for the whole family. The Teacher’s Guides are written directly to the teacher, and the Student Guides are written directly to the students. This curriculum was designed for teaching one or multiple students at varying ages from K-5 through 12th grade. There are 26 weeks in a year of study. The Course Outline provides a more detailed overview of each week’s study. The material is presented in such a way as to lead students down the path of reasoning, to direct students to be engaged and think biblically, creating an environment where learning is not only educational, but transformational!


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    • Year 1: Universal History

      In Year 1, we start with Universal History in order to lay the foundation for a Biblical worldview. Universal History takes the students through the Bible chronologically; highlighting the character of key individuals and placing them within the context of their culture. Spanning over events happening around the world, the students are equipped to assimilate Biblical history with world events.

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      Year 2: The Middle Ages

      In Year 2, we study The Middle Ages in order to follow the noble stream of liberty. We emphasize the history of the Christian church and its impact on the world. The timeframe begins at the early Christian church and the Roman Republic. Students trace the people and events that brought forth liberty. We begin with the Roman Republic and the Heroic Age of the Church, and finish the year with the Age of Exploration.

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      Year 3: US History

      In Year 3, we study US History in order to understand the foundations of our American Republic. We emphasize the founding principles of the United States. We begin with the early colonies and finish the year with the Civil War. Principles of the American Republic are woven throughout the lessons.

      Explore Year 3 Year 3 Scope & Sequence Year 3 Co-op Model            

      Year 4: World History

      In Year 4, we study World History in order to understand the battle between tyranny and liberty. Students are introduced to real people, in real time, with real events set into the context of world history. We begin with the expansion of the United States ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’ and finish the year with the Post-Christian West.

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      Grade Levels

      Students may begin the coursework at various grade levels

      Level 1

      K5 - 3rd Grade
      Level 1 is designed for the early elementary years. Students learn history through age-appropriate core books and literature studies. Principles are taught in a concrete, simplified manner. The character of individuals is emphasized. Copy work and simple writing exercises can be adjusted to student’s writing ability.

      Level 2

      4th - 6th Grade
      Level 2 is designed for upper elementary who are able to read and write fluently. Principles are expanded and application is encouraged. Students write 1-2 paragraphs weekly and begin to learn research skills. Some of the reading assignments coordinate with Level 3, however the reasoning, writing and literature are age-appropriate.

      Level 3

      7th - 9th Grade
      Level 3 is designed for middle school students. It requires more in-depth reasoning and logic and the application of principles. Students write 2-5 paragraphs weekly and apply research skills to reports.

      Level 4

      10th - 12th Grade
      With Level 4, student’s gain rhetorical mastery of their lessons. Their worldview is solidified and they are able to articulate their lessons. It is for advanced level High school students. Most textbooks are college level reading. Credits include History-1, Bible-1/2-1, English 1/2-1. History and Literature readings are on an adult reading level. Writing assignments are designed to prepare students for a collegiate or professional environment.

      Each of the 4 Levels pertains to students in specific grades.


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