This independent, literature-based history program provides a multi-sensory approach to history that can be enjoyed across multiple grades. Students read narrative-based lessons, enjoy historical novels and biographies, and engage in hands-on reinforcement activities. High school courses combine the textbook and unit study approaches to learning to help students continue to learn well and through engaging techniques even into their teen years.


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    I have the middle school set of American History and World History. For me, I think they are a bit light on facts for the high end–it says 5th-8th. I have used them for 2nd-6th and now 3rd-7th. I find them a perfect level for the elementary, but I feel I need to supplement for the older grade. I love the book–the conversational way it is written, the organization, the pictures, and the way the information is presented. It have smaller chapters and oncorporates geography very well into the history. Speaking g of geography, I also love the map book that goes along with it. And the timeline book is extrememly helpful. My children love crafts, so I wish it had a better notebook with more lapbook type activities for reinforcement. The “Student Workbook” I bought with the fist set is pretty useless–they have a different one with test and fill in the blank type review which would probably have been more helpful. But all-in-all, after looking through and using many curriculums, I liked this one the best and so did my kids.

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