Using a four-step process of preparation, presentation, practice, and progression, Math-U-See helps students master fundamental concepts while continually reinforcing previously learned concepts. Visual and hands-on instruction, colorful manipulatives, and self-paced practice ensure that students use all their senses to learn math well.


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    Home Educating Family Magazine Staff Review

    My son did well with Math-U-See’s Alpha we continued on to Beta. Math-U-See is a good fit for our family because of its multi-sensory approach. Students build, write, and say the problems. The instruction DVD is also another tool, as students can watch Steve Demme explain the lesson and follow along using the blocks at the same time. The DVD also helps parents who are intimidated by teaching math.

    Who should use Math-U-See Beta

    Students review place value since it is vital, then they go on to learn sequencing, inequalities, multiple-digit addition and subtraction up to thousands, money, counting by 5s and 10s, some geometry, beginning measurement, ordinal numbers, and time. The beauty of this mastery-based program is that your child goes at his pace. My son breezed through Alpha, so I expected the same with Beta. However, the concept of regrouping took him a bit longer to grasp, so we were in that lesson for a longer time. However, once he caught on, it stuck with him and he went quickly through some of the next lessons.

    What is new in Math-U-See Beta

    The 2012 edition of Beta has some reworded teaching and added materials to help with those who take achievement tests. As with other levels, there are activity pages at the end of each lesson. Some pages help students work through real-life step-by-step problems by drawing as they work the problem. Other pages have students draw lines from items in a store to the correct amount of money. Many of them are color-by-number using math problems, and if your student doesn’t like to color, they will not enjoy them. I would love to see a bit more variety added to the activity pages.
    Parents will find that because of the different order Math-U-See teaches concepts, their child will do some things at different times than in other programs. For example, in Beta my seven-year-old son was rounding numbers up to ten thousands and doing six-digit place value notation that upper elementary students typically do. Conversely, there will be some things that your student’s peers are doing that your child is not. I understand Math-U-See places it here because it is part of place value, but for younger children it can take a bit longer to grasp this concept that is difficult even for nine- to eleven-year-olds.

    Teaching Math-U-See Beta

    The Beta teacher’s manual is thorough and does have extra activity suggestions as well. I think since Math-U-See is already well-loved in special needs circles, it would take their product even higher by adding in suggestions for exceptional learners, tactile kids, and movers-and-shakers. For example, my seven year-old with Asperger’s syndrome is sometimes intimidated by looking at an entire page of problems and also needs a lot of movement. Sometimes I put one problem on an index card and create a stack. I give him either one at a time, or he takes the stack, depending on the day. One day I also added an element of activity by having him run to the other side of the room with his card when he was done to start a completed stack, then run back to do the next problem. If Math-U-See sprinkled tips like this throughout all of their manuals, I think they would bless non-traditional learners even more. I think it would also help to cut back on test length. Most of the tests have twenty-five problems, and some have thirty. That can be overwhelming for the age group that uses this level.

    Families with multiple students will enjoy having to purchase one instruction pack and set of blocks and being able to reuse them, needing only a new student text for each child. An extra perk is that your younger students may pick up on math concepts early. My five year-old sometimes watches the Beta DVD with us as we start a new lesson. I am not doing formal math instruction with him, but he has learned quite a bit from watching parts of Alpha and Beta along with his older brother. I also know that the blocks will be a great plus for him when he starts Alpha later this year since he’s a tactile learner. If you are looking for a math program that will work with multiple students in your family, or you want something that is hands-on, I highly recommend Math-U-See Beta for your early elementary or exceptional child.

    Annie Flynn

    My children used math-u-see for their early elementary years and we really enjoyed it. It was so nice to be able to work step by step through each lesson and be able to repeat it when needed or skip lessons if they understood it right away. I have other family members who used math-U-see and we were able to pass the curriculum back and forth. I am not strong in math but math-u-see helped me to be come stronger and help my children. I liked the help the DVDs gave as well as the app and website.


    I have enjoyed using Math U See so far with my 6 year old. It is a nice early math program that allows for hands on understanding of math concepts. The teacher guide explains lessons thoroughly. The program is rich in repetition, as well, so children don’t easily forget concepts once learned.


    I wish I had started using this from the beginning with all of my children. My youngest has been using it since Kindergarten and has such a great grasp on place value and just how numbers work! He makes up Math problems to solve for fun and does Math quickly in his head.
    I had a friend who is a Math teacher and tutor look at our Math U See curriculum and she was very impressed with it. It met and even exceeded her expectations for a Math curriculum.

    Katrina Garcia

    Recommened by another family, I tried Math-U-See. I wished I had this curriculum in schoo. Early on, this curriculum introduces algebra. Simplified. Easy. Non- intimidating. I really appreciated being able to dive in without having to study it first.


    We have been using Math-u-see for short time, by daughter loves this method of learning far better than other math programs. Its hands on while I’m involved, she gets the freedom she needs to work. We love math-u-see!


    Fabulous program! We’ve use all of the levels for my 3 boys. As of today we have one in Zeta and one in Algebra II. Oldest son is a sophomore in college and credits his better understanding of math to math-u-see. Great for struggling math learners as well as those who are gifted. The lesson videos and blocks/inserts are key to success in this program.

    Lisa Mitchell

    Math-U-See is my favorite math program. It presents mathematics concepts in a way that is comprehensive yet understandable. The DVD-based lectures are just what I needed for my busy homeschooling family. The lesson pages are uncluttered and easy to grade, not only saving valuable teacher time , but also minimizing unnecessary distractions for the student. I’m so glad I made the switch!

    Carrie S.

    We love MUS!! I start each of my children in Primer and have them work through the Algebra I course. For high school math I prefer they have a more in-depth curriculum, so I switch to other resources besides MUS for the upper levels. MUS provides a sturdy, solid, unshakable foundation for mathematical concepts and understanding, all in a very do-able and approachable manner. As mentioned previously, I wish their upper level courses were more rigorous, but I’m thrilled with Primer through Algebra I!

    Stefanie Wright

    Great programs

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