With the goal of instilling a love of literature, Lightning Literature combines literature, grammar, mechanics, and composition. Grades 1-5 have a student workbook and teachers guide. The colorful student workbook for each level includes a variety of exercises. The junior high levels include a student guide with information about each author and story, vocabulary words, comprehension questions, literary lessons, and writing exercises. The student workbook has pages with crossword puzzles, word finds, matching, and writing space. The teacher’s guide has a section on how to use the program, a planning schedule, answer keys, and teacher helps. The high school level includes a student guide with instruction, comprehension questions, and writing instructions and activities. The teacher’s guide introduces the program, has grading and scheduling tips, and answers to comprehension questions, as well as writing exercises and discussion questions. American Literature, Speech, British Literature, William Shakespeare, and World Literature are all topics at the high school level. All levels have required books that must be purchased separately or borrowed from the library.


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    I first discovered Lightning Literature five years ago when our oldest was entering 8th grade. I wanted something that would help her hone her writing in such a way as to prepare her for writing in college, but I also wanted her to be able to interact with a variety of literature, not just excerpts in a text. Seeing the booklists for the various Lightning Lit courses, I thought we’d give it a try.

    We’ve never looked back, and my second and third child also now use Lightning Lit (starting in 7th grade). The course options fit very well with the history track we follow, and the writing and reading comprehension training is exceptional. Even though we have not taken advantage of enrollment in Hewitt for help grading the papers, each course comes with wonderful rubrics that gives me confidence as I help my children process their writing. We also enjoy great discussion over both the discussion and comprehension questions included in each course.

    My daughter is now in her first semester of college, and in the first four weeks her writing skills have already been noted by multiple professors. She’s aced every written assignment so far! The variety of assignments in each course has allowed her to develop skills in writing essays, reviews, persuasions, reports, poetry, and even short stories and fiction, preparing her well for the variety of assignments handed to her in college.

    I’m so thankful to have found Lightning Lit five years ago, and I recommend it on a regular basis!

    Sheree lawson

    I had just discovered Lightning Literature for helping my Daughter . I think she will benefit from this program. With Lightning Literature it combines literature, grammar, mechanics, and composition. That I think she will really enjoy doing. She will be entering middle school and this would be very helpful for her. She has a hearing problem, and learning disibilty, she is 98% deaf In her left ear and learning at her own pace will definitely help her in the long run. The variety of assignments in each course would allow her to develop skills in writing essays, reviews, persuasions, reports, poetry, and even short stories preparing her in different assignments will get her ready for middle school. I’m so glad I had found Lighting lit five and I would recommend this to anyone in helping their child receive the best understanding of different assignments in any grade level. I recommend checking them out asap you will be happy

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