Life of Fred uses a story-based approach to walk children through the process of learning math. Math concepts are taught through narrative rather than step-by-step instructions or according to a traditional progression. No instructor’s guide is included, as all material is included in the narration.


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    Sherry Bachmann

    We love this! Aside from the fun story, it allows you to see exactly where each math lesson would be applied in real life. He also explains it in a way that is very easy to understand.

    Brenda Punzel

    We have used Life of Fred as our math from the beginning. As we began homeschooling our oldest, we tried various programs. My son was five. After hearing about LoF, we were intrigued and after whizzing through the first book, we quickly ordered the entire elementary series. We have now graduated to the pre-Algebra series and moving along marvelously! My daughter is now a fan and working through Edgewood.
    The story is engaging and silly. Math principles are applied throughout in such a way as to naturally think of the answer, or else wonder what it is (keep reading, you’ll find out!). Appetites are wet for learning more through little teasers and tidbits. Life lessons are learned while reading about Fred and and his doll Kingie. Kids get a chance to practice what they’ve learned in the “Your Turn to Play” sections, while getting glimpses of new concepts with teasers. Not being a math whiz, I am learning alongside my kids. I would have loved learning math this way as a child!
    My 11 year old gives the program a 6 out of 5 rating and says he likes “reading about Fred’s Adventures while they incorporate math”.

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