Learning Language Arts through Literature teaches all aspects of language arts using good-quality literature. The Red and Blue programs cover language instruction for grades K-2 and include instruction in phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and penmanship. Each set includes a consumable student book and a teacher book with lessons, answers, and assessments. Each set can be purchases with or without a separate read-aloud library. Yellow, Orange, Purple, Tan, Green and Gray cover language arts from grades 3 through 9, and include instructions in grammar, mechanics and usage, spelling, reading, literary skills,and composition. Full-length book studies are also included, along with discussion questions, vocabulary study, and literary analysis. Consumable student books and literature are included in the complete package. The Gold level courses are for high school students and cover American, British, and World literature in three separate courses. These courses may be used in whichever order preferred. The courses include literature studies and integrated composition, vocabulary, and grammar.


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