Hearts for Him Through High School is Heart of Dakota’s high school curriculum. The first year is based on world geography, followed by a year of world history and two years of U.S. history. Resources are assigned daily in the instruction guide, with each subject given in a separate box marked by a subject symbol. At the bottom, the key idea for the day is listed for easy reference. Math is listed each day, but you will choose and schedule your own math curriculum during that time.


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    Suanna Sears

    We are enjoying the Hearts For Him Through High School curriculum as much as we enjoyed the Heart of Dakota Guides for the younger ages. I love that I can work with my high school students on learning to follow all the directions in the boxes. Then I can meet with them to go over their work and have any needed discussions. This curriculum lends itself to a good pace for high school students and is prepping them to be able to schedule their study time in ways that will benefit them in college or a future line of work. Being able to let my high school students work independently is good for our large family because it allows me to spend some focused time with my younger students earlier in the day and my high schoolers later after they have been working for a while. Last year we went through World Geography and I loved seeing my students maps come together in one big project at the end of the year. This year we are 10 weeks into World History and we are enjoying the history and art activities as well as seeing how well the health class fits in right alongside the Advanced Biology class they are taking. The Advance Biology Class is not the one in the guide this year, but I imagine the biology class in the guide follows a similar path. Hearts For Him Through High School has been a good fit for our family.

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