Heart of Dakota is a comprehensive, all-subject, Charlotte Mason style curriculum for PreK-12th grade. Starting around age 9, the curriculum begins a history cycle that starts with creation and ends with modern U.S. history. Each teacher book schedules the extensive reading books, read-alouds, and other curriculum. Levels can be extended to allow multi-level teaching. Choices are given for reading material, including different literature packages for boy or girl interests.


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    Suanna Sears

    The Heart of Dakota Guides are very simple and I love that the children are quickly introduced to beginning to work on their own by reading the box with the instructions and following them by the time they are 8-9 years old. I have been using Heart of Dakota for about 13 years and have never looked at using a different curriculum. Occasionally I have changed up 1 class to meet our personal preferences for the year, but I find that the way the guides are written makes for a complete curriculum that I can tailor to using in my large family. I like that there are extended packages if you have an older child working alongside a younger child in the same guide they can still stay with materials that are designed for their schooling level. The customer service at Heart of Dakota is great as well. If I have a question I can contact them and they usually get back to me with in a day. Heart of Dakota is well rounded in teaching styles as well as keeping things simple enough for a busy mom to be able to keep up with her kids school work.

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