Hi, I’m Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal and publisher of Family Magazine. I began this magazine as a mom of five with many years of homeschooling under my belt. I am passionate about sharing how to navigate the many ups and downs in homeschooling, parenting and marriage.

Ten years later, we now have a team of women along with guest writers who strongly believes in the uniqueness of each person and family. With decades of experience, we do not offer cookie-cutter answers in Family Magazine, instead we hope to inspire you to create your own family culture and lifelong memories. Come join us as we travel this road of homeschooling together!

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    Our faith forms the foundation for all we do, from homeschooling and parenting to marriage and daily life. In each issue of Family, you will find articles that explore the dynamics of living out a practical faith in the realities of daily life.


    Our families are unique, and we must avoid the trap of comparison. But we’re also not meant to walk this journey alone. Each issue of Family includes articles on parenting, marriage, and more from others who have been there and finished – a reminder that you’re not alone!


    Resources abound for homeschoolers these days, and it can be hard to sort it all out. In each issue of Family, you will find teaching tips for specific subjects and ages as well as articles covering topics such as ideas for organization, finding resources, and more!


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