Traditional handwriting is combined with art instruction and history or science topics in this unique handwriting series. Each workbook is non-consumable. A Draw Write Now workbook is available for students to use while using the program. Each book has three themes totaling 21 lessons. The author’s artwork is available as a model, with step-by-step drawing lessons following the model. Short, informational sentences associated with the artwork completes the lesson.


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    Julie Froisland

    Draw Write Now is a wonderful resource that can be a stand alone handwriting curriculum or a supplemental resource for history, science or literature. There are eight books in the series with each book covering a specific theme:

    Book 1:On The Farm, Kids And Critters, Storybook Characters
    Book 2: Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, The Weather
    Book 3: Native Americans, North America, the Pilgrims
    Book 4: The Polar Regions, The Arctic, The Antarctic
    Book 5: The United States, From Sea To Sea, Moving Forward
    Book 6: Animals and Habitats – On Land, Ponds and Rivers, Oceans
    Book 7: Tropical Forests, Northern Forests, Forests Down Under
    Book 8: Savannas, Grasslands, Mountains & Deserts
    Each lesson is a two page layout. One side contains the finished drawing in color with the copy work, the other side shows step-by-step how to compete the drawing. Teaching tips and fun “trivia style” questions are also given.

    The age range listed for the books is K-3rd, but the books can be used with both younger and older kids. If you draw along with your kids, your finished product can be given to a little one to color. For slightly older kids, the words can be read by you for a dictation exercise. The print is in block type manuscript, but you can have older kids write in cursive.

    I have used these books as a supplemental resource, most recently with Early American history. I am using books 2, 3 and 5 to go with our literature based curriculum.

    You can purchase a Draw Write Now workbook with pages that supply a space for drawing the picture and lines for the copy or dictation work. You can really just use any notebooking page and many are free online. There are also some mom bloggers who have designed notebooking pages specifically for the Draw Write Now series.

    As a mom of eight, I appreciate any resource that can be used by multiple ages at once. Draw Write Now does double duty by incorporating both drawing and handwriting. I highly recommend this series!

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