If you like the kind of homeschool science curriculum that allows for rabbit trails and hands-on exploration, take a look at BookShark Science. It’s a structured, secular (faith-neutral), 4-day program that has the flexibility you need for your lifestyle. Rather than taking a dry textbook approach, it uses real books, no-fuss Activity Sheets, and hands-on science activities. We even include the materials you need for the experiments in a handy Science Kit.

Visit this guide to BookShark Science to find the perfect curriculum fit for your children.


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    • BookShark Science

      Living Books

      The heart of the BookShark approach is reading great books alongside your children. Instead of textbooks and worksheets, we believe that reading living books (real books) and discussing them is the most natural and enjoyable way to learn—a way that

      • fosters divergent thinking
      • nurtures a child’s natural curiosity
      • develops strong family bonds

      Hands-on Activities

      Yes, we love books at BookShark, but we know that kids learn by doing, too! That’s why all of our Science programs are a perfect mix of reading and experiments. To make it easy, we provide a kit of needed supplies along with the clear instructions. Aside from common household goods, the kit contains everything you need!

      Really! No hunting for modeling clay, balloons, a thermometer, wire, or magnets. We make sure you have all the moving parts to make science activities happen instead of getting pushed to the back burner.

      The Instructor’s Guide—Your Schedule

      BookShark Instructor's Guides

      A BookShark Instructor’s Guide tells you exactly what to do each day:

      • what to read
      • what to discuss
      • what activity sheet to complete
      • what experiments to do

      Get an idea of what an Instructor's Guide is like. Download samples of the IGs for the first three weeks of any program here.

      Levels Not Grades

      BookShark Science is organized by flexible Levels, not rigid grades. This means you can combine children within a 3-year age range into one level. 

      • Biology, Botany and Physics (Level K) ages 5-7
      • Animals, Astronomy, and Physics (Level 1) ages 6-8
      • Life Science, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology (Level 2) ages 7-9
      • Biology, Taxonomy, and Human Anatomy (Level 3) ages 8-11
      • Electricity, Magnetism and Astronomy (Level 4) ages 9-12
      • Health and Human Anatomy (Level 5) ages 10-13
      • Chemistry, Physics and Biology (Level 6) ages 11-13
      • Conservation, Robotics and Technology (Level 7) ages 12-14
      • Physics, Electromagnetism and Waves (Level 8) ages 13-15

      What Moms Say

      Marcy J., homeschool mom & BookShark customer, says,

      “I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for this amazing curriculum. We chose BookShark for its strong Science curriculum and fell in love with the 4-day flexible lesson plans as well as the literature-based approach. The stories make history come alive in a way that textbooks alone do not.

      I spent a day at a homeschool convention, looking specifically for a good science curriculum, and BookShark stood out from the rest. All the others I looked at seemed to have either a weak science focus, biased undertones, or misinformation. Compared to the other choices, BookShark was the clear winner. When I say strong science, I am mainly referring to the depth of material covered as well as the rigor of the questions asked on the Activity Sheets. The internet links give so much additional information which places extra emphasis on the lessons. We are also very hands-on and like to conduct the optional experiments as well.

      My husband is a radiologist, and I am a laboratory technician—science is important to us! Our kids have learned so much with BookShark Science and actually enjoy it! That excitement about science is what is most important.”

      Kemi J., homeschool mom & BookShark customer, says,

      “BookShark saved my homeschool! I started off with the Level 1 Science for my boys (then 6 and 8), and we had such a great year that I decided to go with BookShark for the rest of our curriculum.

      The 4-day schedule is perfect for us, so we don't get burned out at the end of the week. My kids love it, and we're looking forward to using BookShark again next school year!”

      See BookShark's hands-on and literature-based Science programs.


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