BookShark’s Reading with History includes History, Read-Alouds, Readers, and Required Resources, all fully outlined in your Instructor’s Guide (also included, in both print and online formats).

Each day, you simply open your guide to find your daily lesson plan. ​Work down the day’s column, reading the assigned pages or chapters with your children, discussing what you read, and doing any map or timeline work.

If your kids love hands-on activities, we’ve got you covered with lap books and project kits, specially designed to complement the history curriculum.

BookShark is easy to follow, and families love it!

“We are in our first year homeschooling, and “BookShark is amazing for us! I have a 3rd grader,  and are using American History Level 3. She is reading Pocahontas and the Strangers on her own now and absolutely loves it! This is coming from the child who used to loathe chapter books. 😊 I love the flexibility and structure this curriculum allows!” —Jennifer Burris Johnson

“This is my first year using BookShark history for my 8- and 10-year-old, and I am in love! So are they! I wish I had known about BookShark sooner, and I’m telling all my fellow homeschool moms about this program.” —@camillebethanyphotography


    Product Details

    • Intro to the World: Cultures (Level K) ages 5-7 Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2 (Level 1) ages 6-8 Intro to World History, Year 2 of 2 (Level 2) ages 7-9
      Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 (Level 3) ages 8-11 Intro to American History, Year 2 of 2 (Level 4) ages 9-12 Eastern Hemisphere (Level 5) ages 10-13
      World History, Year 1 of 2 (Level 6) ages 11-13 World History, Year 2 of 2 (Level 7) ages 12-14 History of Science (Level 8) ages 13-15
      American History and Literature (Level 100) ages 14-16



      What You Get in a History Instructor’s Guide

      1. Complete, ready-to-use lesson plans

      All your books and activities are fully scheduled for the entire year. No need to create your own plans!

      2. Daily schedules

      Daily schedules outline 36 weeks of material for History/Geography, Read-Alouds, and Readers.

      3. Discussion questions

      Discussion questions (with answers) for the assigned reading help you track your children’s comprehension.

      4. Timeline and map activities

      Put your learning in chronological and geographical context. Timeline activities tell you when to add people, events, and dates to your Timeline Book. Map activities help you plot the places you visit in your reading. Your students plot points on their Markable Map, and you have all the answers in the included map keys.

      BookShark Instructor's Guides

      5. Vocabulary and cultural literacy notes

      Find clear definitions for important vocabulary that appears in your reading. Enjoy useful cultural literacy notes that add depth to your reading and explain things students probably should know but likely don’t know (e.g., what a hoop skirt looks like).

      6. Extensive notes

      Train your children to read discerningly. Our notes provide counter-balancing arguments to lopsided readings. These notes help you “listen to the other side” in order to hone understanding. You won’t believe how much you and your student learn!

      7. Teaching tips

      See the rationale and educational philosophy behind BookShark’s methods and activities. Get help discussing tricky topics (such as poverty) with your kids. We’ve got you covered, so you can teach with confidence and without surprises.

      8. An easy record-keeping system

      With space to record completion dates, your children’s initials, extra notes and even extra subjects, all your records are in one place for reporting requirements.

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      Hands-on Kits

      Hands-on History: World Cultures Hands-on History: World History I Hands-on History: World History II

      Lap Book Kits

      American History I - Lap Book Kit American History II - Lap Book Kit
      World History II - Lap Book Kit World History I - Lap Book Kit


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