BookShark homeschool curriculum is literature-based, 4-day, and faith-neutral (secular). See it at bookshark.com.

Amber Reed Davis, a busy homeschool mom, says,

“We can’t say enough good stuff about BookShark. We’re doing Levels 3 and 5 this year. My kids are hooked. Through the amazing books, we’ve traveled to fascinating places and learned so much! And we’re only on week 13!  Who knew a middle schooler would ask if we could still do school on our 5th day because he wanted to find out what happens next in the books we’re reading? Also, I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned through reading along with them. Oh, and the 4-day schedule is perfect. We use our 5th day to catch up or just for fun field trips, experiments, and messy art projects.”

Amber is right! BookShark’s fully planned, 4-day homeschool curriculum flexes to match your busy lifestyle. The detailed Instructor’s Guides lay everything out so clearly that you are prepared to teach in mere minutes each day—open your guide, gather your resources (which are all included in your package), and go! Curriculum for ages 4-16 is available in All-Subject Packages or by individual academic areas:

With BookShark’s literature-rich programs, your children will read (or have read to them) 35-50 engaging books each year! Visit bookshark.com to browse curriculum, download samples, or request a catalog. Then read the Choosing Guide to find your perfect fit!


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      This is our first year with Bookshark and we are using the all subject package. Literature based programs are definitely what works for our family the best and this one being faith neutral, has fit in well with us. The instructor guides are thoughtfully laid out for ease of use. It can truly be an open and go set up, if you’re short on time. We do think that the language arts portion could use a little tweaking to become more engaging. We supplement Bookshark’s LA due to that. Overall, we are impressed and have loved every book scheduled so far!

      Autumn Mikiten

      We love BkSk! It is all laid out for us to glow along. The books are fantastic! Our daughter is learning to love school again and learning just how smart she is. We will continue to use Bookshark for years to come!

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