BJU math uses critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving to establish and understanding of math that is relevant to everyday life. Each set includes a teacher’s edition with CD-ROM; a student textbook, workbook, and test booklet; and all applicable answer keys. Younger grades also include manipulatives for learning reinforcement.


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    Cynthia Carlson

    BJU math is one that tops my list of well liked programs. I like that it has a mastery focus but still includes review. I also like how it teaches the topics. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a support option available should my student need help beyond what I could provide. If that had been available it would have been very likely I would have continued to use BJU.


    Elementary level is very good. Interesting problems, easy to use teacher’s book, and cute characters. Algebra teacher’s book wasn’t easy to use as teacher’s books from other subjects published by BJU. We didn’t stay with BJU math beyond 6th grade.

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