If you’re looking for a flexible history program, BiblioPlan is for you!

Biblioplan is for mothers and fathers, for homeschoolers, home school cooperatives and Christian schools, grades K – 12.BP covers World History, Biblical History, U.S. History, Church History, Geography and more, starting at Creation and continuing through modern times!

We combine a classical survey of history with historic literature. Besides reading history texts, students also read great books from and about the eras of history they’re studying — and best of all, we’ve got it all worked out for you! BiblioPlan is fully customizable to your students’ needs and learning styles. It is easily adaptable for special learners and for gifted and advanced learners.

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    • Quality Classical History and Literature!

      Aaron, John, and Mary, our beautiful children!

      Four years of classical history, cycling through Ancients, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern history!

      Find a bundle that's just right for you!

      Each bundle includes a main textbook, family guide, cool history question books, and assorted activity books.

      Ancients bundle for middles

      Ancient bundles

      Medieval bundle for middles

      Medieval bundles

      Early Modern bundle for middles

      Early Modern bundles

      Modern bundle for middles

      Modern bundles

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      Sample bundle

      Each sample bundle includes the first three weeks of ALL BiblioPlan products for that year!

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      LaCinda Brooks

      This is the best history curriculum for my family because it allows me to be flexible and teach at differing grade levels. Comprehensive and exceptional program that grows along with my children and offers solid history knowledge and expertise. It is saving me both time and money because it is easy to track progress and I don’t need to buy multiple curricula. It simplifies the always daunting task of teaching history with a focus on repetition for retention. Easy to use with different grade levels and blend into a lesson for all ages. It has made learning history fun and memorable, a rich resource that provides all I need for my history curriculum. Excellent guide to teaching a blend of Church and Bible history with seamless perfection. If you are looking for a solid, classical history curriculum then you must try BiblioPlan History. From kindergarten to high school, this program has all that you need and more. My children are engaged, delighted and their interest is easily peaked with this program. Carefully designed family guides and discussion guides that round out a robust learning experience. It also has wonderful hands-on maps and notebooking that further engage the children. An honest and well-rounded resource that offers me a complete history program for all ages. It provides me with much more than a history curriculum but also an incredible opportunity for us all to make memories. I’m thrilled to have found a program that excites my children and works seamlessly with my entire family. It has made learning history a “cool” experience for my children and helps them retain the knowledge they are taught. I highly recommend this resource and am grateful for the excellent program that gives my children a solid foundation.

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