Alpha-Phonics is a classic phonics manual that provides instruction in phonics rules for 44 diferent sounds. Words are taught in families that practice the same sound. Parent preparation is minimal.


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    I have been using Alpha-phonics for about two years now on and off. I really like this program! First, I appreciate how straight forward it is. Words are pictured in black and white with the letters printed in a font that is similar to what you would find in an actual book. No pictures or anything else that I find can be distracting to an early reader. My child is able to not only work on phonics and word recognition, but also reading comprehension because of this. Secondly, I am finding this book easy to use a resource over and over again to solidify concepts in the American language (such as differing vowel sounds, sight words, or words that just don’t have a rule). Lastly, its been two years and we still haven’t finished! I predict that once we actually finish the program, my child will be reading at quite a higher level than her age would suggest as the program seems to go several steps further than any other phonics program I have seen.

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