Using the Orton-Gillingham approach to spelling, All About Spelling takes children through seven spelling levels with a hand-on, multi-learning style approach. Students will master spelling using a series of cards that teach spelling rules and phonograms by having students review the cards regularly. Students also use a white board and letter tiles with magnets as part of the lessons. The tiles are found in the interactive kit, which also includes magnets and divider cards. A storage box can be purchased separately. These items will be used throughout the program and only need to be purchased the first time the curriculum is used. The teacher’s manuals walk parents step-by-step through the lessons.


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    I’ve been homeschooling for 25 years and for 15 of those years I was looking for a spelling program that worked with my kids. I found All About Spelling in time for our last two children! When I first read the descriptions – how it relied on flash cards and magnetic tiles – I balked, with visions of more manipulatives strewn around the house. However, AAS comes with a neat, organized system for using all those cards and tiles. The lessons are scripted with a list of what cards to use and how to set up the tiles on the magnetic whiteboard. By keeping the tiles as a special privilege, they looked forward to spelling lessons. We were able to do most (if not all) of the lesson without the painful process of (gasp) holding a pencil at first. Marie Rippel has done a great job of breaking down the whole phonics system of spelling. She creatively and clearly explains concepts like silent “e” and the “rule-breakers”. (A highlight was throwing that card into jail.) I’ve always been a good speller, but I learned a lot going through the program with my kids. This is non- consumable, except for a few of those rule-breaker cards where you’re supposed to draw something on it. We just wrote the word on the whiteboard instead. So one set of each level should last you through all your kids unless you are really hard on flash cards! Each level doesn’t have to be done in one year, also. You move at your own pace. Since my children started this program when they were a little older, we didn’t do the tiles for very long, but moved to writing on the board and then just writing on a sheet of paper. This is not a spelling book program that you just hand to your child to do on their own. The lessons are about 15-20 minutes long and need mom or an older sibling to guide them through. But since I consider reading, spelling and math to be the foundations that we should spend our time on, I was willing to do that. I have kept all the levels of AAS that I have for my grandkids….maybe I’ll even laminate the cards by then!


    This is a wonderful program! Make sure you use the letter tiles and all of the pages/books for each level. It won’t work very well without them! I have been using this curriculum for two years for my son who has had a very difficult time with spelling. We tried BJU, abeka and spelling you see before using this one. He has made tremendous progress in just one year!

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