Students learn how to explore God’s world through this textbook style science approach. Subject kits include textbooks, tests and quizzes, teaching charts, and more. A health focus is strong throughout the elementary years. Video learning kits are also available.


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    After 10 years of homeschooling and trying many, many science books and curricula, I always come back to Abeka. The ease of use with this system is great. I like that there is an answer key for not only the test questions, but also for the text book answers. Of course, I know or could figure out most of the answers especially in the early years, but being able to prop open the answer key, keep cooking dinner and review science questions with one of the children while also accomplishing something else is so helpful to the flow of our day. Also, these books are full of details which makes them useful resources even when past the assigned grade. I have had some of my high schoolers use their old Abeka Science text books as resources while writing papers for high school Earth Science papers.

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