Daily Confidence

Daily Confidence

Homeschooling tends to magnify. It can find any little flaw or insecurity, behavior or blessing, and make it seem bigger. Almost every parent, at some time during the homeschooling journey, suffers a crisis of confidence. So, what can be done when you just aren’t sure you CAN do it?

Building Your Homeschool Confidence

Here are ways to build your confidence and remind yourself that you really can do this.


Realize that homeschool confidence comes with experience, both successes and mistakes.  As you learn what works—as well as what doesn’t—you’ll gain confidence in your abilities.


Read books about homeschooling and parenting, but feel free to discard them if they aren’t helpful to you or don’t match your personality. What works well for one person can be a failure for another.

Be You

Be yourself. Embrace your uniqueness. If you are a hands-on, crafty mama, GREAT! Be that person. But if crafts give you hives, find other ways to teach concepts.

Don't Compare

We all do it, but try hard not to compare yourself or your family to anyone else. Every family has its own strengths and interests.

Ask Questions

Many veteran homeschoolers are happy to answer sincere questions, and you will feel better when you have answers for your concerns.


Remember your successes. Make a list of past victories and keep it in your planner to read when you are feeling discouraged.

Find Support

Whether it is just one other homeschooling mom or a whole homeschooling group, other like-minded parents can increase your confidence. A been-there-done-that homeschooler can help show you the ropes and provide assurance that you CAN do this, while someone in the same trenches you are in can help spur you along.


Attend a homeschool convention. Especially in the first years, seeing the huge variety of homeschoolers all in one area is a huge confidence-booster! And conventions give you the opportunity to visit with vendors, helping you to make better curriculum choices.

Final Thoughts

Above all, don’t fail to plan ahead. Knowing where you are going will make you more sure of your decisions along the way!