Finding the Right College Experience

Are you looking for the post-graduation experience that’s right for your student? This brief video will walk you through using Homeschool Friendly Colleges to help you explore with confidence.


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October High School E-Book
Money Management

Money management is an essential life skill for high schoolers to learn before they strike out on their own!

It can be hard to figure out ways to help teens grasp the concepts of budget and adult expenses while they're still living at home. But by handing them possible financial scenarios, you can go a long way toward helping them know what to expect. In this Money Management e-book download, your high schooler will be able to choose from a variety of life scenarios — complete with jobs, kids, houses, cars, and more — and then work through what it looks like each month to maintain a budget for that scenario.

Download Money Management today and help your teen lay a foundation for good money management!